Whatsapp guide


Whatsapp is the application you can use on your mobile. It sends all kinds of massages via the internet. You can send text or photo to other users.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular application used over the internet to communicate. Most of the mobile devices are compatible with Whatsapp but if you are not sure if your device works with it you can check it here


  1. You need to have internet connection active
  2. You start “google play”
  3. In the search box write “Whatsapp Messemger”
  4. Next you press install button ( you can add your card or other kinds of payment but best is to skip it )
  5. Next you need to accept the terms & conditions , after that installations starts automatically
  6. Press “Open” button and accept again terms and conditions (this time in Whatsapp)
  7. Next insert your mobile number so the application can send you verification SMS
  8. Next insert the nickname or your name you wish to use as your profile
  9. That is all now you can start with new app


  1. How to change Whatsapp wallpaper
    • Very ease and at the same most noticeable adjustment is changing the wallpaper. To do this you need to go to the Settings > Chat settings > Wallpaper . You will see the Gallery, Whatssapp icon, Default and No Wallpaper. Change-whatsaap-Wallpaper
    • so if you want to make your Whatsapp really yours you need to download some nice wallpapers and than use the Gallery button and set your new look 😉
  2. Hiding the blue benchmark
    • Some time ago WhatsApp introduced blue check marks. Those blue check marks allow users to check whether another person could or could not see their message. Many users panicked because of privacy concerns. But right now in the latest version of WhatsApp, it is really easy to turn it off? Just go to Settings -> Account Info -> Privacy and un-check “Read Receipts” box. Good to know: If you turn off checkmarks, you will not be able to see whether someone else read your message!
  3. How to mute the group
    • How to Mute the group messages which sometimes can be annoying. It is easy to mute a group? Just open a group, open the options menu and look for the “mute”. You can choose to mute the group for few hours or permanently.
  4. How to hide the time stmps
    • If you want to hide the last time stamp. You’re going to have to have third party app such as Hide WhatsApp Status. The app disables your WiFi and data connection when you open WhatsApp. Once you exit the app, your WiFi and data connections are reactivated, WhatsApp will sync, and your messages will be sent.
  5. How to back up your chat
    • WhatsApp makes automatic backups of your chats, but it can be done manual.
    • Settings > Chat Settings > Backup conversations.
  6. Big files with Whatsapp and Dropbox
    • You need to isntall Dropbox and then CloudSend on your mobile.
      Now you can open CouldSend applictation and you need to link it to Dropbox.
      Now you Share the file on the CloudSend. Once you did this the file automatically be uplodaed to your DorpBox server.
      You can now copy the provieded link and shere it with your Whatsapp friend.
      The only thing now which your friend has to do to get the file is just to open provided link.
      This tip will help you easly share large files among your friends.


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